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SCR logoMirror Mirror on the Track, Who's the MEANEST? Check Your Back!

Join Sac City Rollers with the Sacred City Derby Girls for a fantasy flat-track fundraiser on September 27th, 2014! Inspired by the Rat City Rollergirls, we've combined forces to create mixed teams for the battle of the baddest cliques - Heathers VS. Mean Girls.

So what's your fantasy? You, our fans, get to choose the action!

For $10.00: You Go, Glen Coco: Put in blocker of your choice.
For $20.00: What is your damage, Heather? Jammer skates backward for the entire jam.
For $50.00: You can just sit around and soak up each other's awesomeness: 4 minute jam.

And there's MORE! Miss seeing some of your old favorites on the track?

Donate to free the Army of Skanks - once we reach $200.00, some very speacial guests will be released onto the track.

So join Sac City Rollers with the Sacred City Derby Girls for a fun and fan-directed fundrasing game; you won't want to miss this!

All paid stunts are named for lines from the two movies. Think you have your girl cliques down? Join us for the halftime trivia contest!
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Mark your calendars today for some hard-hitting Roller Derby action! Click HERE to learn more, and purchase your tickets today!


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SCR Folsom Prison Bruisers

Sac City Rollers take 3rd place in the Deep Blue Tournament! 




Away Bout - West Sacramento

SCR Folsom Prison Bruisers vs Sacred City Derby Girls Disciples

SCR Capitol Punishers vs Sacred City Derby Girls Sacrificers


George Sim Community Center

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Special 20 Minute SCR Sweaty Bettie vs Rude Girl Bout 




Home Bout

SCR Folsom Prison Bruisers vs. Dallas Derby Devils Army of Darkness

SCR Capitol Punishers vs. Dallas Derby Devils All Star Team

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