Beirut Tournament
Hosted by the Sac City Rollers

Tournament FlyerSaturday, March 9th

Beer Pong. As old as time itself, but as fresh as newly cut grass. Join the Sac City Rollers for a night of silliness and pong at Morgan's Bar & Grill! For that competitive edge, buy yourself a derby girl as a teammate. Get your tickets now at See you at the tables – may the best pong-er win.


Date: Saturday, March 9, 2013

Time: Arrival at 6:00 pm, Tournament starts at 7:00pm SHARPbpt s

Where: Morgan's Bar and Grill (Corner of S st and 34th st)

Who: 16 teams battle it out for the trophy and bragging rights

What: A game of skill, practice, and pong developed by the college frat boys during the 1950's-1960's. Beirut (actual sport of beer pong without a paddle) skillful technique includes the Arc Shot, Fastball, and Bounce Shot...which technique will you be using to win this tournament?

Why: Raise money to support your fabulous SCR skaters (if you really need a reason)

Cost: $40 per team (4 people per team). Buy a derby girl to be on your team for $20. Spectators will receive 1 beer ticket with a $5 donation or higher at the door. Tickets are available on Brown Paper Tickets.